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Lead Generation Services

Generate more leads with the online lead generation services campaign for your business, and increase the conversion rate.

How Do We Make A Difference?

Less Sales Efforts

Our lead generation company reduces the pressure on your sales team by covering all aspects of generating hot, validated leads for your business. Our expert outsourced sales team members will be responsible for carrying out all your sales related activities.

Continued Follow ups

The team makes sure to follow up on the generated leads continuously with conversion rates moving swiftly in the favor of the company. We pull in the right lead and check on them once, before forwarding it to the company.

Draws in the Customers

We use inbound approach to generate the leads, which includes paid search marketing, content marketing, and opted email marketing. Our Lead generation company makes interactive marketing efforts to pull in the potential customers.

Lead Generation for your business

Any business is required to generate leads, and doing this effectively can drive revenue for your company. The process of generating leads has been made much quicker by social media platforms and search engines. To convert into sales, a business organisation needs to attract potential clients and spark public interest in its solutions, services, projects, operations, and so on. Understanding the quality of leads and how you plan to handle them is essential for successful lead generation. SEO ANALYSER is a top Lead providing Company in Chennai offering lead generation services at best accuracy and affordable rate.

Why Lead Generation?

  • Increase in sales and revenue
  • Improved ROI
  • Target your potential customer
  • Reduce costs and time.
  • Increase your conversions from leads
  • Easy to identify clients

Lead Generation Types

Social Media Lead generation

Social Media Generation is one among the effective lead strategies for gaining lead relevant to our services.
We Lead generation marketing company Chennai follows the below social media platforms

Facebook lead generation

The most widely used social media network for generating leads is Facebook. On Facebook, there are 60 million live business pages. One of the reasons why many companies utilise it to sell their products is because it has the lowest CPC prices. We Facebook Lead generation Company pays attention to generating lead who have interest in your services.

On-page advertising: Companies can set up their own Facebook pages. Potential leads are the folks who have liked the page.

Off-page promotion: This refers to promoting content for lead generation on Facebook groups, communities, and other pages.

Paid advertising: Companies favour paid advertising because it produces fast results. Facebook provides a range of social ads with a particular aim.

Instagram lead generation

On Instagram, nearly 80% of accounts follow businesses, which represents a fairly solid indication of purpose that marketers can use to create leads. Instagram lead ads are made to gather client data like phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Businesses can use these advertisements to enhance direct marketing campaigns, learn more about their customers, and more. As a Instagram Lead generation Company in India runs campaign to targets the particular people to boosts your revenue.

Twitter lead generation

For businesses, Twitter is the most well-liked social media marketing platform. 95% of UK marketers opt for Twitter as a channel for content marketing to generate leads.

Methods for obtaining B2B leads on Twitter

We Twitter Lead generation company describe the goals of your campaign, such as boosting brand recognition, gaining new followers, or increasing website traffic. By employing targeting tools like geographic regions or the followers of a well-known account, you can pick the audience you wish to reach.

LinkedIn lead generation

We have lakhs of webpages and strategies for lead generation but the NO.1 strategy for creating leads is LinkedIn. When it comes to generating leads for B2B social media marketing, LinkedIn serves as one of the best platforms. On LinkedIn, there are more than 675 million working professionals. Based on their job title, function, industry, etc., you can target them. LinkedIn advertising are excellent for gaining leads, raising brand awareness, or even getting people to register for events. SEO ANALYSER being the Best Lead Generation Services in India follows a perfect Linkedin strategy.


  • Optimize your profile
  • Make use of powerful Linkedin community
  • Engage in outreach and Connect
  • Define Your Audience Accurately.
  • Funnel your target leads
  • Accurate and cost effective when compared to other qualified leads.

Quora lead generation

When used properly, every social media network can be a effective source of high-quality leads. Creating a successful plan should take into account many platforms and formats. You can find leads on Quora of all kinds and interact with them in a way that strengthens your authority and subject-matter expertise.

  • Make sure your profile image appears to be professional.
  • Be confident in your writing
  • Begin by briefly outlining your qualifications as an expert.

Bulk Email lead generation

The mass email strategy makes use of generic template messages that are sent at a sizable audience that is typically not segmented. On the other hand, there is a considerable potential of achieving exceptional results if you design a smart mass email campaign. In bulk email campaigns for lead creation, accuracy is key. However, we SEO Analyser have trillions of email collections with over 580 categories that are targeted at the real estate, healthcare, business, and other industries. SEO ANALYSER as Bulk email lead generation agency offers targeting accuracy of between 60 – 70 % for suitable leads with active emails.



Social Media Optimization (SMO)


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Social Media Marketing (SMM)


LinkedIn Lead Generation


SMS Campaigns


Email Campaigns


Event Promotion


WhatsApp Marketing


Contextual Advertising


Bulk Email Marketing


Custom Landing Pages


Paid Search Marketing

How we improve conversion rate from Lead generation

We increase inbound marketing source conversion rates, enabling clients to move away from expensive and inefficient lead sources.

  • Conduct pilot campaigns to gain traction.
  • Reduce inefficient attempts
  • To improve lead quality, optimise and iterate.
  • Expand successful initiatives
  • Establish planning and strategy for the short- and long-term
  • Enhance the data and insights

Our Working Process

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.


Discovery Call

The first step in working with us is to speak with a member of our team. Get in touch today!



Once we’ve assessed your unique situation, we’ll send you a proposal for review.


Comprehensive Audit

We always start campaigns with an in-depth audit and analysis, plus consultation on the results.


Results and Reporting

We’ll ensure that you receive results, and report on them to you through monthly calls.

Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is our major goal. See what our customers are saying about us.

“Throughout our time working with SEO Analyzers, Director looked after us. They were really responsive and professional. We would always receive a prompt/effective resolution to any problem. Highly advise anyone in need of their services!”

Coriss Ambady

Financial Analyst

“SEO Analyzers company that increased our revenue by a factor of two in just one month! With SEO, Google Ads, PPC Search Ads, and Social Ads, we have achieved fantastic results. ”

Cory Zamora

Marketing Specialist

“We have been collaborating with SEO Analyzers for a while now. They continuously contributes fresh, original ideas and thoughts that have increased our social media presence and drawn in more visitors. They only produce quality work”

Nikolas Brooten

Sales Manager

“Our clients appear to appreciate the efforts since the website's content and rating have improved to a more exceptional standard. The management approach used by SEO Analyzers in India is quite effective and responsive.”

Coriss Ambady

Financial Analyst

“SEO Experts Company India’s SEO efforts have highly improved our search rank on Google. We are on the first page consistently. We are seeing a significant user engagement on our site, with a clear ROI, and they continue to be an efficient and supportive team.”

Jackie Sanders

Investment Planner

“I'm very glad and satisfied with the services SEO Analyzers provides. The best way to market your small business is through social media, so why not let the experts do it for you? They provide good, reasonably priced packages that fit any budget. Our online sales have improved after we took control of our social media advertisements, added some ideas, and made some minor adjustments.”

Laura Widerski

Sales Specialist

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